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[DeleGate-En] Delegate 6.1.20/21 on RHL6 NPH
30 Jan 2001 17:57:26 GMT Mike Kovacs <>

YS and other gents:

     We are attempting to build an app located behind a v6.1.20 Delegate 
server. The application uses some file xfers, etc which take time to do. 
Although not explicitly setup this way, what is occuring is that with the 
proxy locked down ( SERVER=http://niven, PERMIT=http:*:*) the page has to 
fully cache to the proxy before the user sees anything, which is 
approximately 10-15 seconds. We'd like to use NPH as the method of 
informing the user, but the caching behavior exists with NPH as well, so we 
know its the proxy. Now we can get immediate response and proper NPH 
operation by opening up and using tcprelay, but there are obvious security 
concerns. Is the product capable of doing a non-cached proxying easily??


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