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[DeleGate-En] Re: Accessing internal FTP server from outside...F-
14 Apr 1999 12:53:40 GMT (Yutaka Sato)

On 04/14/99(21:16) you "Daniel G. Rodriguez" <> wrote
in <_A420@delegate-en.ML_>
 |I have a dual-homed gateway which accesses an outside network and an
 |internal private network (  I want users from the
 |outside to access an FTP server inside my private network.  Because
 |the FTP server will have a private address like, I don't
 |know if this is even possible (i.e., how do internet users access this
 |IP and/or how does my proxy redirect the call to a server inside the
 |network, not on the same machine).

Run a FTP-DeleGate on your gateway host like this:

 # delegated -P21 SERVER=

Then clients can access the internal host ( via the
DeleGate on the gateway host (ftp://gateway-host/)

 |I read somewhere that this was possible using Socks, but is it
 |possible to set this up with DeleGate?
 |(Even with SOCKS, I don't know how users address an FTP server inside
 |my private network if they cannot access private IP numbers like

Socks will be useless in this case because the (SOCKSified) FTP-clients
must set up (switch) its Socks server to your Socks server to access
your internal FTP server.

Yutaka Sato <>   @ @ 
Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory      ( - )
1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan            _<   >_

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