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Filtering HTTP headers and HTML tags by DeleGate

Yutaka Sato
October 30, 2001

Easy and efficient ways of filtering HTTP headers and HTML tags have been introduced in DeleGate of version 7.6.1. Undesirable headers from a security consideration, "Referer" for example, can be stopped to be forwarded by a parameter like this:

Unwelcom HTML tags, "SCRIPT" for example, can be disabled with a parameter like this: Using external filters just to do filtering like above is no longer recommended because of its inefficiency.

For people who have no experience with DeleGate

You can use DeleGate as a HTTP proxy for filtering like above with a command line like this:

[excerpt from Manual.htm#HTTPCONF (DeleGate/7.7.1)]

HTTPCONF parameter  ==  what:conf

[live excerpt from Manual.htm?HTTPCONF
DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / <A Href=/delegate/Manual.htm?HTTPCONF id=hgen>HTTPCONF</A> parameter
[CTX] [ALL] HTTPCONF parameter
HTTPCONF parameter  ==  HTTPCONF=what:conf