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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / anonymizing <A Href=/delegate/Manual.shtml?NNTP id=hgen>NNTP</A> articles
[CTX] [ALL] anonymizing NNTP articles

Anonymizing NNTP articles

To disable mail address mining for spamming, mail addresses transferred over NNTP protocol can be anonymized with the "rewaddr" MountOption as this:

This "rewaddr" MountOption can be used in MOUNT parameter both for NNTP and HTTP DeleGate. To suppress the rewriting of mail addresses for specific addresses or domains, specify "nomapemail" option of NNTPCONF like this: Anonymization can be controlled by the poster of each article via a NNTP/HTTP gateway DeleGate. For example, a DeleGate server for NNTP/HTTP gateway can be configured like this: The anonymization of each article, or articles posted by a poster, is controlled in the page at:
An authentication key for each poster is required to control anonymization. The key can be sent automatically via mail, or got with "-Fauthkey" command: Each key is encrypted with a passphrase, of which default value is an empty string. It should be changed to a non-default value with the AUTH=pass parameter for each DeleGate server or -Fauthkey command: This anonymization can be applied as an off-line filter command too: If necessary, MIMECONV="nomapemail:{listOfAddress}" and AUTH=pass:admin:... can be used with -FdeMime.