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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / OPTIONS


   -P option  --  entrance port(s) to the DeleGate
              ==  -Pport[,port]*
        port  ==  [host:]portNum[/udp][/admin][/protocolName]
     portNum  ==  number[-number]
   -Q option* --  entrance port to the DeleGate
              ==  -Qport
    -Q option can be used to specify multiple entrance ports separately in multiple options. For example, a set of of options "-Q21 -Q80 -Q1080" is equivalent to a single option "-P21,80,1080".
   -f option  --  foreground execution
              ==  -f[v]
   -r option  --  restart
   -v option  --  logging level control
              ==  -v[vdtsau]
   -d option  --  debugging of sub components
              ==  -d[hst]
   -D option  --  disabling sub components
              ==  -D[t]
   -S option  --  watch SIGCHLD signal
   -T option  --  trace system calls
              ==  -T[xsdt]*
   -F option  --  extra function
              ==  -Ffunction
   -- option  --  hiding command line arguments
    If specified, command line arguments before "--" are left visible to ps(1) command (with pstat(2) system call) on most of Unix systems. Without this, any arguments are hidden by default.
   parameter  ==  name=value
   conditional parameter == (condition)parameter
   -e option  ==  -ename=value