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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / Abbreviations
[CTX] [ALL] Abbreviations


To make configurations be simple and reusable, special abbreviated formats of URL can be used in MOUNT parameter. If "=" is specified as protocol-name, host-name or port-number in rURL which consists of protocol-name://host-name:port-number/url-path, then it represents that of the DeleGate itself (i.e. that of vURL). URLs beginning with "//" represents further abbreviations, "///path" for "=://=:=/path" (in the same protocol,host and port) and "//serv..." for "=://serv..." (in the same protocol).

Abbreviated host-name and port-number is substituted by that of the virtual host (given in HTTP Host: field) if exists, or by that of the real interface with the client. To explicitly specify the real interface, use "-P" for "host-name:port-number part like "http://-P/path".

Example: abbreviation in rURL of MOUNT parameter