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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / Remote administration
[CTX] [ALL] Remote administration

Enables the remote configuration and administration of DeleGate via HTTP (or HTTPS) at "http://delegateHost:Port/-/admin/". It allows a user to do remote administration if the user is authenticated with authServ, and if the user is in listOfUsers. For example, AUTH=admin:-pam:user authorizes the user if authenticated with PAM. AUTH=admin is the abbreviation of AUTH="admin:-pam:%O" where "%O" represents the owner of this DeleGate process. Empty authServ as AUTH=admin::user:pass means authorizing the username user with password pass. If ":listOfHosts" is specified, users to be authorized must access from a client hosts in the list.
A DeleGate of arbitrary protocol (regardless of SERVER=protocol) can have a port for remote administration by specifying a port devoted to administration with "/admin" modifier like "-PuserPort,adminPort/admin" option.
    SERVER=pop -P110,9110/admin AUTH=admin::admin:password
    The URL for remote administration of this DeleGate (as a POP proxy) is "https://delegateHost:9110/-/admin/"